Why have the wrong photo company when you can have the Right one?

Right Lens Photography was created to be the Right Choice for you. We bring a Fresh and Modern take on School Photography. We strive to create excitement in the school, while making the process easy and convenient.

Our mission is to make picture day just click.
We want you to get your photos and go WOW!

6 school photos showing young children smiling

Experience a stress-free picture day!

How was your school’s picture day experience?

Are you 100% Satisfied?

If your answer is no… Let’s Level Up Your School Portrait Program!

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From This…

  • Too many complaints from families
  • Are photographers not professional or experienced?
  • Only one picture option?
  • Picture day took too much time?
  • Owner on site for picture day?
  • Service items delivered on time?
  • Offered additional fundraising options?
  • Lacking a turnkey yearbook solution?
  • Is picture day chaotic?
  • Communication Lacking?
Red push pin stuck in a piece of paper.

To This!!!

  • Our families rave about our quality!
  • RFL has 16 years of photography experience, 30 years teaching experience.
  • We offer multiple poses and expressions.
  • We aim to finish picture day in your time frame.
  • We are always on site for picture day.
  • Timely service is our priority
  • Staff will love their awesome digital image.
  • We offer many ways to fundraise.
  • You will love our turnkey yearbook process.
Kids lined up facing camera and looking upward in a thoughtful way

From How to Wow!

How does RLP ensure a completely “hassle-free” school picture program?

  • We do all the work for you.
  • RLP offers a completely private and secure online viewing and purchasing gallery.
  • We utilize the most up-to-date digital technology in order to provide a stress-free picture day for school administrators!
  • There are no paper forms to hand out or collect and no photo packages to deliver to students.
  • Our photographers are trained to provide an organized and efficient school picture day experience while delivering amazing studio-quality portraits to students and families.
  • No Contracts to sign. We are so confident you will be happy working with RLP, you won’t want to leave us.
  • Our teams are specially trained to make students and faculty feel at ease in order to provide a super fun experience.
  • Using the data provided by you we arrive on picture day with bar-coded identification cards. We scan each card for student matching. This saves time during pictures day and increases spelling accuracy on yearbook images, series items, and ID cards.
  • We pay attention to details like hair placement, messy collars, and other details that can make a real difference.
  • We provide extra attention for students with special needs.
  • Our photography teams stay on schedule and finish on time.
kids facing camera lined up for school picture day!

Are you ready to experience a stress-free and highly organized picture day while delighting student families with the most amazing professional portraits?

Our team can make that happen! Cindy believes that customer service, consistent quality, and working with children is the key to providing every school with a positive and unique experience.

Your school will see our team is experienced and professional.

Why choose RLP for your school?

If your school photos were less than satisfactory last year let us change that for you!

Before booking your 2023 school picture day let us show you how we can greatly improve your experience! We care about the schools we serve and our communities!

  • We are locally owned and operated in Corinth, Kentucky.
  • Cindy, the owner and photographer, has had a photography business for 16 years.
  • We provide a stress-free experience for school staff.
  • We run an organized, fun, and relaxed picture day.
  • Our system alleviates the work administrators normally do for picture day.
  • There are no paper order forms for staff to hand out or collect from students.
  • We utilize an easy-to-use online ordering system.
  • We manage communications with families prior to and post-picture day.
  • All picture orders are shipped directly to buyers – nothing for staff to deliver to students.
  • We offer sports photography for teams and individuals.
5 wallet sized school photos of young man with a bird on his shoulder.

What to expect after picture day?

  • 3-5 days after picture day we send families an email and text message with a direct link to their students’ private online gallery.
  • In addition to the direct link sent to families, the information card students take home on picture day has instructions on how to log in using a private access code.
  • Our portrait gallery website is simple and easy to navigate. Portraits can be viewed and purchased on phones, tablets, and computers. All orders are shipped to the buyer.


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